Reading with Pictures

I have known Shirley for a few years and remember when her last book came out with her special paintings and their stories. I’m fortunate to have been able to take a sneak peek of her latest book ‘Treasured Memories‘ Brushed with Love.

Having moved to Kingston over 50 years ago as a teen I used to walk downtown and around town with new friends and remember lots of buildings and establishments from that time that are no longer with us! Shirley’s latest book brings back those memories.

Turks Antique Shop

This interesting building was a favourite haunt of mine…Turks. This was a super antique shop on two floors, I used to mooch around looking at all the fascinating old things…I may have been able to come up with a dollar or two for something small.

The building is a super little café now, lovely that someone has kept the building and it hasn’t been torn down.

The image at the top with the lady looking into the window of Kinnear D’Esterre jewellers takes me back to another shop I only went into once or twice but haunted their windows. They carried estate jewellery and I saw many pieces that, had I had the funds, I might have started a small collection.

Shirley’s latest book will show you around Kingston and environs, take you to some of her favourite haunts and perhaps some of your own. Each is accompanied with wonderful memory written in Shirley’s own words.