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Landscapes and Inscapes
Landscapes and Inscapes

Shirley Gibson-Langille was born in Toronto but resides in Kingston where she is very active in the arts scene.

As a Romantic Painter, Shirley works on location with feelings and joy for the love of things as they are!  Shirley gives a new view to so many aspects of Kingston and the other locations she captures.

 Shirley specializes in Portraits of homes and businesses.

Soul Havens Exhibition


Shirley Gibson-Langille

This is a unique collection of Churches of all dominations starting with the Hay Bay church in 1792. Some churches are still going strong, while others lay vacant or have been made into homes. Others had to be torn down since the exhibition.

Shirley’s work will be available for purchase at Martello Alley in downtown Kingston until the end of the year.

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Shirley’s interview by Bill Welychka with David Dossett of Martello Alley…airing Thursday 11th morning on CKWS.


Bill Welychka with David Dossett and Shirley Gibson-Langille.

Shirley Gibson-Langille’s new book is available now…check here.